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Refund / Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non refundable, if you miss or are late to your scheduled event this is on you, we do not rearrange time slots unless 48 hour communication is necessary. Once we have completed your shoot or digital art your order becomes non refundable as the services have been rendered. All content is delivered to clients within 48 hours of the shoot UNLESS a godforsaken event has happened or if travel is requires, in these situations we will provide content at first availability. Any comments, questions, or concerns please reach out

Shipping & Fulfilment Policy

If we ship or print any art work for you we will meet with you in town and if you are out of town we will ship via USPS to US address only. Digital copies of all work will be sent from 

Privacy Policy 

All photos, videos, and websites are subject to being shared on our social media or posted here to our website unless otherwise agreed upon. We will not share names, contact info, or private locations to any customers. Feel free to reach out with any questions

Contact Us

Please feel free to call us " @ 702-755-7017

Email :

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